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TEACH FROM HOME - A temporary hub of information and tools to help teachers during the coronavirus crisis

Teach From Home was a rapid response project by Google to help teachers and schools adapt quickly to sudden school closures during the coronavirus crisis. Teaching from home required a different approach to teaching at school, so we created a temporary hub of tools and resources that would help teachers continue their classes remotely. The initial toolkit went live in 7 languages within 4 days of schools closing, and was followed up shortly after with a fully integrated website in 54 languages. The site received over 29 million views, with an average dwell time of over 7 minutes in the first month.

CREDITS: Google Creative Lab / Google Brand Studio / Google Education / / YouTube / Media Lab / CREATIVE LEADS: Jack Beveridge / Joseph Ernst

PRESS: The Verge / Times of India / Telegraph of India / The Indian Express / The Scotsman / The Jakarta Post / Digital Trends / Slash Gear / Future Learn / Journal Economico / Internet Matters / Unesco / Teknologi / Creative Review / First Post / Tech2 

AWARDS: D&AD 2021: Branding - Graphite Pencil / Creative Review Annual 2021: Websites - Honourable Mention / Creative Review Annual 2021: Websites - Creative Effectiveness / Cannes Shortlist - Design Driven Effectiveness  / Cannes Shortlist - Market Disruption 

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