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FIND THAT THING - TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat. These are the tools of choice for most 18-25 year olds. So how do you convince a generation that grew up using their cameras more than their keyboards, to get excited about Search? The answer was to ditch the Search bar, and let people use their cameras to find things. This is the launch campaign for Google Lens: a new tool that allows people to search for what they see. 


CREDITS: Google Creative Lab / CREATIVES: Tim Fellowes / Saori Masuda / Daisy Ifama / Fleur Isbell / Jack Beveridge / Joseph Ernst / CREATIVE LEADS: Jack Beveridge / Joseph Ernst / ECD: Julia Hofman / EDITORS: Chris Egglestone / James Partridge / Katya Ganfeld / George Stuart / MOTION DESIGN: Jonny Trussell / BUSINESS LEADS: Jullian Pickard-Garcia / Freya Bronwin / BUSINESS AFFAIRS: Jacynta Mirmikidis / PRODUCTION: Suzie Redfern / Nyah Clarke / Emma Williamson / Alex De Castro / RESEARCH: On Road / Middle Table / POST: Coffee & TV / SOUND: Pitch & Sync / PRODUCTION: Across the Pond / Stink / Google Creative Lab

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