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TESCO BANK: The bank that thinks like a supermarket A complete rebrand for Tesco Bank using simple supermarket values to explain financial services. We carefully selected the brands colour pallet from UK bank notes (pink £50 note / purple £20 note / orange £10 / blue £5 note / etc), making the bank's brand colour, quite literally, the colour of money.

CREDITS: AGENCY: Wieden & Kennedy London / CREATIVES: Laurie Howell / Toby Treyer-Evans / DESIGN: Richard Hooker / STRATEGY: Tom Lloyd / ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: David Mannall / Martin Jackson / Manuel Albaladejo / Alex Stollerman / PRODUCTION: Michelle Brough / Rhys Chapman / Danielle Stewart / EDITORS: Dan Hembery / Bram Ttwheam / PHOTOGRAPHY: Carl Kleiner / MUSIC: Ben Cocks (Siren) / SOUND: Ed Downham at Wave / POST PRODUCTION: MPC / CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Jon Matthews / Joseph Ernst

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