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CARBON FREE BY 2030. Google's commitment to sustainability dates back three decades, to the very start of the company. To tell this story, we created a framework around the concept of "three decades of climate action" that allowed Google to talk in detail about it's past achievements, it's current milestones, and it's future goal: to become the first major company to operate on 24/7 carbon-free energy by 2030. This is an ongoing project, branded under a new logo system, with various comms pieces launching at different times, all supporting the same message.

PRESS: Reuters / Bloomberg / Tech Crunch / The Economist / Financial Times / The Verge / Engadget / Greenpeace / The Telegraph / Sky News / BBC News / CNBC / The Guardian  


CREDITS: Google Creative Lab / PRODUCTION: Abbi Tarrant / Talou Sabbah / Karen Slade / Alex de Castro / Nyah Clarke / Luis De Jorge Ladrero / Suzie Redfern / DESIGNERS: Sruthi Kainady / Saori Masuda / Fleur Isbell / Tim Fellowes / Avi Bernet / WRITERS: Matt Fee / Graeme Hall / Joseph Ernst / EDITOR: Chris Egglestone / ILLUSTRATION: Jonny Trussel / ANIMATION: Jonny Trussel / Chris Egglestone / Doug Higman / Monica Kim / Nicola Gastaldi / ILLUSTRATION: Jonny Trussel / Doug Higman / BUSINESS AFFAIRS: Jacynta Mirmikidis / EXECS: Kevin Proudfoot / Robert Wong / Andy Berndt / Julia Hoffmann / Cassie Hamilton / Julian Pickard-Garcia / Andrew Kinsella / Alex de Castro / TEAM LEADS: Harry Wheeler / Charis Levonleigh / DESIGN LEAD: Fleur Isbell / CREATIVE LEADS: Jack Beveridge / Graeme Hall / Xavier Barrade / Joseph Ernst

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